Make It a Good One

Not “have a good day”, Make It a Good Day!

You Have to WANT It. November 19, 2008

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Let me start this out by saying that I have spent the last 20 minutes sitting by my pond, one sure fire way to Make It A Good Day!

Since writing my first post “Make it a GOOD Day, not have a good day“, I have made a conscience change in my tweets, conversations and most importantly, my “inner dialog”. My “inner dialog” is what I say in my head to myself, and to be honest, sometimes I can be pretty hard on myself, like we all can. In fact I am probably my hardest critic by far. Well since switching my “Have a good day” to “Make it a Good day” I have notice a change in mindset, an almost immediate change in mindset ~ whoo hoo!

Now I have come to my next conclusion, and found a way to put it into word out by my relaxing spot by the pond, where even after the dog knocked over my coffee I wrote {that is an improvement in my case, cause I love my coffee, and it was part of my “perfect” setting to write}. The only way to “Have a Good Day” is to WANT A GOOD DAY! Seems simple but I think it is often overlooked, and I can only speak for myself, and I know that I have been way more that overlooking it, I was ignoring it. You can go full force, high speed, ready with “make it a good day” but if you do not WANT it, you will not make it happen.

sure spot to make it a great day

My pond in front yard ~ sure spot to make it a great day

Let me give a short, now funny, example, first thing yesterday morning right after my feet hit the floor and I took 10 steps, I ran wide open into a corner of a wall, it would take to long to explain the layout of my house, but we have live here long enough for me to know where every paint chip is so the wall I should have not come in contact with! I mean I hit it with my forehead on the corner so hard I about feel back off my feet. Usually this would have been it, I would have said, “see look how my day started already, it is gonna be one of those day, wonderful“, in a smart mouth way, not meaning the wonderful part at all. But I kinda smiled, okay not a big smile, but I kept walking rubbing my head, to make sure I wasn’t bleeding and continued on my path to make the coffee. Anyway, when my husband got up I told him and was able to laugh as he felt my “goose egg”. This was me making the decision to make it a good day because I WANTED to have a good day. No wall was gonna stand in my way, literally and/or figuratively. My action to have a good day started the night before because I was already having that inner dialog that I wanted a next day to be good day, so I got the kids school stuff in order and made mental list of my goals I wanted to accomplish the next day and how I was going to try my hardest to get as many done as possible. I must also say here that while making my mental list they already have a priority ranking, like kids stuff is usually must do, then I also accept right then that there WILL be stuff on my list that will not get done. That is also part of setting myself up to have a good day, wanting to have a good day.

When you Want a Good Day, you will take steps toward making it a good day, I could go on about self fulfilling prophecy here, but will save that for another day, Great topic though. Every decision that you make, every reaction to someone, something or some situation either works Toward Making it a Good Day or just having a bad one. Having a bad day is letting the days circumstances or actions or decisions of others dictate the outcome of your day. Do you really want to give anyone or anything that kind of power? I don’t!

So I MADE yesterday a good day and did it again, so far, today because I WANT A GOOD DAY, and I want to make it a good day. I am committed, determined even, in every way , most importantly in mindset, to Make It A Good Day and you know what? It Is Working! And it worked yesterday even with all the days bumps and bruises ~ including the one on my head. =)