Make It a Good One

Not “have a good day”, Make It a Good Day!

Make it a GOOD Day, not have a good day! November 16, 2008

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“Have a good day”, I say it often, write in e-mail and other correspondence, twitter it, hear it, now I think it is time to LIVE IT.

Not “Have a good day”……MAKE IT A GOOD DAY!

This blog is going to be that, things have made my day good, will make my day good, or even better can make both (me and you) have a good day. On my best days I hope to reach the Great days….but for now will work on good days.

There are so many little things that can make your day, it does not have to always do with~making money, meeting a goal of yours, or something obvious….it can be the most unobvious, little thing that made you smile. So that is what this is gonna be about.

I could not start this off with out giving the reason for my days, What makes everyday worth living and what can just about always make me smile….MY TWIN BOYS! Their smile is like a wildfire spreading through my heart to my lips. I can be sad, mad, angry, worried, sick and they will do the smallest little thing, like rub my back, give me a hug, or just say “I love you” and it can turn my entire day around.

Here are those two smiles, sometimes missing a front tooth or two….that light up my life!

The two smiles That ALWAYS make me Smile!

The two smiles That ALWAYS make me Smile!

Another thing that made my day good today is the start of this blog which is going to be so much fun. Part of the way I might be able to make your day good one day is by a give-away here or there. Oh yeah, we all like free stuff.

Here is what I have pondered and think either way you spin it you come out on top…..IS it…..

Do Well, Be Better, or Do better, Be Well