Make It a Good One

Not “have a good day”, Make It a Good Day!

Make it a GOOD Day, not have a good day! November 16, 2008

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“Have a good day”, I say it often, write in e-mail and other correspondence, twitter it, hear it, now I think it is time to LIVE IT.

Not “Have a good day”……MAKE IT A GOOD DAY!

This blog is going to be that, things have made my day good, will make my day good, or even better can make both (me and you) have a good day. On my best days I hope to reach the Great days….but for now will work on good days.

There are so many little things that can make your day, it does not have to always do with~making money, meeting a goal of yours, or something obvious….it can be the most unobvious, little thing that made you smile. So that is what this is gonna be about.

I could not start this off with out giving the reason for my days, What makes everyday worth living and what can just about always make me smile….MY TWIN BOYS! Their smile is like a wildfire spreading through my heart to my lips. I can be sad, mad, angry, worried, sick and they will do the smallest little thing, like rub my back, give me a hug, or just say “I love you” and it can turn my entire day around.

Here are those two smiles, sometimes missing a front tooth or two….that light up my life!

The two smiles That ALWAYS make me Smile!

The two smiles That ALWAYS make me Smile!

Another thing that made my day good today is the start of this blog which is going to be so much fun. Part of the way I might be able to make your day good one day is by a give-away here or there. Oh yeah, we all like free stuff.

Here is what I have pondered and think either way you spin it you come out on top…..IS it…..

Do Well, Be Better, or Do better, Be Well



14 Responses to “Make it a GOOD Day, not have a good day!”

  1. what cuties your little boys are! I bet they keep you busy! I try to fond all the things through out the day to be thankful for and write them down in a gratitude journal. Ends up making almost every day great cos you focus on the positive things that happened that day & don’t give a second thought about the negative things.
    Have a great day! LOL

  2. Joyous Says:

    Terrific! In life, there are ALWAYS choices to be made…you CAN “make the best, the most of EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY” or you can “make the worst of EVERY MINUTE of EVERY DAY. It’s a personal choice…I choose to make “the most, the best of every single moment for the rest of my life ;D YOU just reinforced my own feelings and I thank you ;D Warmly, Joyous

  3. Rachel Ferrucci Says:

    I think this is a great idea for a blog. There is so much negativity everywhere you turn. It’s refreshing to see someone write about the good things in life…even if you have have to dig to find them.
    Great start to a successful blog. All the best to you!

  4. As a mother of three boys, I have to say that yours are so cute! I just want to hug them as well!
    That is so true. A GREAT day is a choice that you make that is not related to any circumstances that come your way. Good luck with your new blog! I love it!

  5. This really is all that is truly important.
    a Highest Priority for your wonderful family,
    And the mindset that it is by
    not just talking about it
    we can actually
    Make a day great.

    I admire how you actually use your hands,
    your creativity and
    your skills to
    create something that will stand to be
    appreciated for years to come.

    thanks for posting this and for keeping it positive and keeping it real.
    thanks and take care
    Bryan Bliss

  6. NotJustAMom Says:

    I really like your layout. You did a great job. Your boys are absolutely adorable!

  7. Carlin Says:

    Hey its been great following you on Twitter! Thanks for sending me the links to your blogs, its fun to learn more about you. The boys are great!

    Make it a great day, its so true. Like the whole Law of Attraction everyone is talking about, its so simple to do… its also simple NOT to do, and that’s the rub.

    I can’t remember where I first read it, but the thought was “its ok to start over”… fall down, ok, dust off, get up, make it a good day again. And where you focus is where you go, right?

    I’m glad to call you a friend 🙂
    Now go hug the boys ! and the big one too 😉

  8. Christopher Says:

    Good stuff.

    Excellent choice of theme too. People need positivity.

    Maybe I can guest post some time after I get my time organized.

    – Chris

  9. Your boys are adorable.

    I LOVE the name of your blog. It’s so positive, and we need to think more like this. It is very easy to get stuck in the negatives.
    Make it a fantastic day 🙂

  10. Oh my goodness…they are SOOOO adorable!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very good post-I like it a lot…I will be blog stalking you now!

  11. Lisa Says:

    Great phrase…words to live by. Hope to chat with you soon and please visit my page and my blog. CUTIE PATOOTIE boys!

  12. Well said! Ultimately, it is one’s attitude that makes or breaks a day. Circumstances do not have to have the upper hand when it comes to influence and behavior. Your example hits this home – stories help us to relate and feel human, again.

  13. Linda Says:

    Hi Meredith
    Your boys are sooo cute and I love your blog.
    One day, about three years ago, I was walking out of WalMart when this young man walked up to me and said, Excuse me miss, you dropped something”. I looked around and saw nothing. That’s when he said, ” You dropped your smile”. Those words made such an impression on me that to this day I make it a habit to keep a pleasant expression on my face. I get smiled at all the time now by just about everyone who makes eye contact with me.

  14. Linda Says:

    Hi Meredith
    I loved the new entry. A phone call, a kind word, a smile; they are all gifts that we can extend to each other and you never know what impact they will have on someones life. Love you bunches, Aunt Linda

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